Welcome to the website of the Australian Air League, Padstow Squadron

The Aims and Objectives of the Australian Air League are:

  • To promote and encourage the development of Aviation in the Youth of Australia
  • To promote good citizenship
  • To promote ingenuity and resourcefulness of its members
  • To develop the physical and mental abilities of its members


The League’s motto “A Vinculo Terrae” translates into “Free from the bonds of the Earth”. This motto contains the very essence of flight into space.

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Padstow Squadron commenced operations in 1962 as Padstow Squadron RSL Squadron, meeting at the Padstow RSL Youth Hall.

The Squadron later moved to Padstow Park Public School becoming Padstow Squadron.

In 1971 members of the Australian Air League, Scouts and Revesby Brownies negotiated with the City of Canterbury Bankstown Council to move to the Revesby Progress Association Hall. At that time, the Hall was vacant and derelict.

As a result of support from the community, Bankstown Municipal Council and fundraising efforts of the individual group members, the Hall was renovated using funds raised by the groups.


In November 1971, Padstow Squadron moved into the (re-named) Endeavour Hall, where we have operated successfully since that time. We retained the name of Padstow Squadron in honour of those founders many years before.

Padstow Squadron recognizes the invaluable support that Bankstown City Council has given in making available the use of the Endeavour Hall since 1971.

Endeavour Hall
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Padstow Squadron is a member Squadron of the Keith Smith Wing, being part of the NSW Boys Group.

Padstow Squadron meets at Endeavour Hall, 89 the River Road, Revesby.

The Officer Commanding is Squadron Captain Michael Chamley MSA

Mr. Chamley can be contacted on 0419699867.

The Australian Air League membership falls under the following age groupings:

  • Ages 8 – U12 years:       Junior Cadet
  • Ages 12 – U16 years:     Cadet
  • Ages 16 – 18 years:        Senior Cadet
  • Ages 18 years +:             Officer

The Squadron Parade (meeting) night; during school terms; is Friday.
Members attend the parade night at 7.20pm, to commence the Parade night program at 7.30pm.

The monthly program comprises the following:

  • First Friday:        Aviation training; Drill training and practise
  • Second Friday:  Aviation training; Aero-modelling; Team building
  • Third Friday:      Aviation training and Drill practise and training
  • Fourth Friday:    Aero-modelling; Physical activities (including teamwork training)
  • Fifth Friday:        Social night

Padstow Squadron does not normally meet during school holidays. There may be occasions during the year where members are working on special projects or modelling projects. Catch up sessions may be conducted during the school holidays and will be announced prior to the term end.

The Squadron issues a newsletter; “Attack Kats News”; monthly.
This newsletter covers all upcoming events, items of member’s interest and photographs of recent activities.
The newsletter is issued electronically to Parents / members email, or a hard copy can be provided if preferred.

A newsletter opt-in is available in the Enquiries tab of this site.


Initially on joining cadets are required to pay a membership joining fee, prorata annual subscription and the cost of the uniform. Annual ongoing costs consist of annual membership and annual subscription, payable in full by the 15th of Febuary each year.


  • Membership Joining Fee:                  $70
  • Annual Membership:                           $60
  • Annual Subscription:                         $320
  • Junior Cadet (8-11) uniform:             $145
  • Cadet (12-18) uniform:                        $171

Some second-hand uniforms are available at reduced prices.


All members of the Australian Air League are volunteers and no fees levied are used for remuneration of adult members.

The Australian Air League receives no financial support from any private or public sources.

Padstow Squadron applies for grants applicable to our activity base, having been a successful recipient in the past.

Funds gained are used for special projects such as the Squadron trailer, Squadron equipment and this website.

I therefore invite you to explore our website to receive a feel for what the Squadron program.