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  • Air League Officers are volunteers from the community, often former cadets themselves or parents of cadets, keenly interested in developing the potential of young Australians and willing to volunteer their time to develop today’s young people.

    Currently, Padstow Squadron has 3 officers on strength, and they undertake the program on parade nights, as well as organise Cadet member’s to activities listed in the “Our Activities” menu of this website.

    The Squadron is ever keen to welcome new adults to join the ranks of Padstow Squadron as Officers. There is a measure of training involved, which is undertaken on Parade nights and signed off by the Officer Commanding.

  • Trained Squadron officers receive an appointment pursuant to the duties they perform, be it Education, Drill, Band, Physical Activities, the Squadron Adjutant and Air Activities. Whilst the appointment designates your role in the Squadron, it is really the case that everyone helps everyone on Parade nights.

    As a Squadron officer, you would be assisting in making Padstow Squadron an organisation that inspires and leads youth to achieve their best. We are always looking for Adults who have skills that they can bring to our ranks which will assist in making our program relevant and innovative.

  • We are also looking for Adults who can just help us out.

    Officers are required to wear the Air League uniform as part of their service to the organisation. Costs for the uniform are available from the Squadron Adjutant.

    All of the Officers at Padstow Squadron have completed the requirements of the NSW Working with Children checks.