Subject Badges

Squadron Badge Program

  • Padstow Squadron includes, in the yearly program, visits to museums and other venues of aeronautical interest to enhance and give relevance to the badge subjects being taught. Squadron members regularly attend airshows.

  • Group Education Display: Each year the Australian Air League nominates an aviation subject for a major education display by Squadrons at the annual Reviews. Padstow Squadron has entered these competitions regularly including winning displays on The Wright Brothers, Sir Charles Kingsford Smith.

    In 2015, our display subject will be Captain Jack Treacy: Pilot, No 3 Squadron Australian Flying Corp.

    On the completion of the Reviews, displays are often used for promotional purposes.

Development goals

  • A graded workbook/badge system enables a Cadet to start at a basic level, increasing knowledge and interest by progressing through the courses to the equivalent of Private Pilot’s standard (which include some subjects to a commercial standard).

    Technical subjects give Cadets a sound knowledge in engineering principals and practice, such as Aircraft Construction and Aero Engines. Class time seeks to generate interest and enthusiasm, progressive knowledge, imagination and interest in the subjects taught. Engenders team work, as well as patience and confidence in achievement.

    When an education display is completed Cadets participate in the research, construction and finishing of the display to Museum standard. This includes a large number of craft skills, design work and fabrication, painting and finishing.

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