Leadership Training

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  • Cadets who demonstrate initiative, and leadership skills, can nominate and gain promotion as a Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO). After training within the Squadron, and a qualifying period of performing at the rank, members can progress up the ranks through Leading Cadet, Corporal, Sergeant and Squadron Sergeant.

    NCO’s are given the responsibility of training and leading the Cadets in Squadron formations. They are the link between the Officers in command, and the Cadets seeking guidance in their tasks.

  • Adults can join as Trainee Officers. During their training at Squadron level, they gain experience in all aspects of the Squadron program and are introduced to leading formations, teaching education classes and conducting games and fun activities. Officers are welcome to participate in the Band training to gain those skills.

Development goals

  • The Australian Air League offers a training workbook for NCO development; this serves as a guide to NCO’s. At Padstow Squadron we have based our training on the Habits of the Mind program which seeks to develop the NCO, to be an outstanding member of the community and leader amongst Cadets. This program’s goal is to benefit him in all interpersonal relationships (not just the AAL), whether they be family, school, sport, community members, future training or careers.

photo 26