Self Discipline Development

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  • As part of the monthly parade night program, Padstow Squadron conducts evenings where cadets are trained in becoming part of the team through field training, a process we call Drill.

    This involves member training leading to be part of a Squadron formation, either a Section (unit of 5 cadets), a Flight (unit comprising 3 sections), or the Squadron Flag Party (unit comprising 7 cadets, 3 of whom carry the Australian, State and Squadron Flag). As part of these units members learn to march, the correct wear of their uniform and the finer point of standing to attention, standing at ease, marching in step and line and training in concert with the other members of their unit.

    Advanced Drill training may involve undertaking specific theory and practical training using workbooks and audio-visual displays. To this end Cadets can gain their Flag Party and Drill Proficiency Badges.

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  • Reviews are held by the NSW Group annually, and nationally every 2 years (AAL Review). Reviews differ from Parades with more intensive competitions covering every aspect of Field Activities, as well as Education, Physical Activities and Aero-Modelling. Reviews are held at an oval or school. The AAL Reviews are sometimes held interstate and often involve the members undertaking ceremonial duties at areas of historical importance.

Development goals

  • Drill is the process that aims to introduce a newly joined member to his fellow member to form disciplined units of high skill level in marching, and related field activities.

    A structured Drill program seeks to develop self-control, commitment, selflessness, teamwork, pride in own, and the team, achievements. It also develops poise, co-ordination, whilst the wearing of the Air League uniform instils a sense of duty and pride in being part of the Squadron team.

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