Sporting Endeavours


Physical activities (PA) are another aspect of venture offered to Squadron cadets.

The last parade night of the month is devoted, in a large part, to a Squadron PA program with ball games and games of skill played by the Cadets and supervised by the Officers.

The Australian Air League also offers a PA badge which members can aspire to, this covering many aspects of physical development and training.

On these nights the members wear their PA uniform which comprises the Squadrons Sports shirt, black shorts, white sox and joggers. The shirt is able to be purchased through the Squadron at a reasonable cost.

Pursuant to Squadron activities, Ball Games also form a part of the NSW Group Review. Padstow Squadron fields a team to compete for the trophies in this event. Cadets enjoy the training leading up to, as well as competition on the day.

The NSW Boys Group also conducts a Swimming and Athletics Carnival during the year and members are invited to attend these events to gain medals for individual events, as well as trophies for Squadron participation.