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    We Are a Flight Squadron Offering Flight Experiences

    We are a flight squadron offering flight experiences to Cadets annually. We do this through various means such as a visit to the Australia Air League Activities Centre in Camden where cadets have experience flights or visits to Gliding clubs so cadets can improve their gliding flights experience and several flights in historic aircraft like the Tiger Moth.

    The Padstow Squadron of the Australia Air League exists to develop and encourage the interest of Australian youth in aviation, and it has lived up to this vision, by providing its members with the opportunity to get their pilot license for different types of flights up to commercial standard at very competitive rates. Cadets of the Australian Air League can apply for the flying scholarship annually. The process is a competitive and transparent one where the best cadets get free or subsidised training for the year.


    The Covid-19 pandemic has affected everyone and everything, including the activities of the Australian Air League. This is why the Australian Air League has put up several restrictions to prevent the spread of the virus, and in some instances, they even suspended their face to face activities.

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    Our Services


    For members of the Australian Air League interested in aviation and aeroplanes, flying is the highlight of the activities they will be involved in during their time in the Padstow Squadron. The flight activities encompass several things which include Remote Control, Air Experiences, Flight Resources, and Aero Modelling. Our flight activities are where squadron members who are interested in flying get the real experience they desire.

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    Aviation Training

    The Australian Air League also provides several programs on aviation and other related subjects, giving cadets the necessary foundation they need to pursue a successful aviation career. Many of our members are aviation enthusiasts interested in having a career in aviation. Our educational programs and training in related subjects prepare them for this whether they choose it as a hobby or career.

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    Drill & Band

    The Australia Air League is a uniformed youth organisation, and as such, it is rooted in discipline, teamwork, and esprit de corps. This is why its activities also include Drill and band. These are programs that prepare Cadets and instil in them what it means to wear the uniform. Cadets learn the poise and smartness that comes with uniform and the drill and band program helps them to take pride in being a member of the Australian Air League.

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    Physical Activities

    Physical activities are a core part of what we do, and it extends beyond the Drill and band, aviation training, and flight. There are also other physical activities that don’t just teach you certain skills and require you to demonstrate the knowledge you have acquired but also fun. Our physical activities are the fun part of what we do, and it includes various activities such as exploring nature, competitive sports, personal challenges, etc.

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    About the Padstow Squadron

    The Australian Air League is a uniformed youth organisation for boys and girls who are interested in aviation whether as a career or hobby. It is open to people between the age of 8 – 18 years and has no political affiliations whatsoever. The organisation is self-funded and operates with volunteers who dedicate their time and skills to the goals of the organisation.

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