The Australian Air League in Padstow



About the Padstow Squadron

The Australian Air League is a uniformed youth organisation for boys and girls who are interested in aviation whether as a career or hobby. It is open to people between the age of 8 – 18 years and has no political affiliations whatsoever. The organisation is self-funded and operates with volunteers who dedicate their time and skills to the goals of the organisation.

It was established in 1934 with the first Squadron in Manly (New South Wales) before spreading across the state. By 1939, it had spread to Victoria, and today it is active in other states and territories such as Queensland, ACT, and South Australia. The first Girls Section was established in 1944. There are many squadrons available all over Australia, and the Padstow squadron in New South Wales is one of many.

Aims and Objectives

The Australia Air League was formed for a reason, and this reason is best understood by its aims. These include:

  • To encourage and promote the development of aviation in Australian youth.
  • To promote resourcefulness and ingenuity of members.
  • To develop the mental and physical abilities of its members.
  • To promote good citizenship.


The motto of the Australian Air League captures the essence of its operations and flight. It is “A Vinculo Terrae” which means “Free from the bonds of the Earth”.


The Padstow Squadron was formed in 1962 when it was first known as Padstow Squadron RSL Squadron due to the fact that it met at the Padstow RSL Youth Hall. The name later changed to Padstow Squadron when the meeting point was moved to Padstow Park Public School. In 1971, the members of Revesby Brownies, Scouts, and Australian Air League agreed with the City of Canterbury Bankstown Council to move to the then derelict and vacant Revesby Progress Association Hall. The hall was renovated with the fundraising of the groups and the Council support and renamed Endeavour Hall. It is in this hall that Padstow Squadron continues to operate till this day while retaining the name to honour the founders of this great organisation. Padstow Squadron also recognises the support of the City Council who has made the hall available for our use since 1971.

General Information

The Padstow Squadron belongs to the Squadron of the Keith Smith Wing, and we are under the NSW Boys Group. We meet on Friday night during school terms for our meeting and rarely, so we meet during holidays except when there are modelling projects or special projects that require such meetings. In those situations, we may meet for catch-up sessions during the holidays, and everyone will be informed before the end of the term if such sessions will be organised.