The Australian Air League in Padstow


Members of Australian Air League, Padstow Squadron

The cadets are the members of the organisation, and anyone can join from the age of 8. Cadets can be between 8 and 18 years, and once they join, they can participate in our weekly meetings and other activities till they are 18. Once they are 18, many of our cadets stay on as instructors and officers.

When a young person joins the organisation, the rank they belong to is determined based on their age. Available ranks include;

  • an Australian Air League Junior Cadet, if they are from 8 years of age to under 12 years;
  • an Australian Air League Cadet, if they are from 12 years of age to under 17 years;
  • an Australian Air League Senior Cadet, if they are from 17 years of age to under 18 years.

For anyone to become a member, the parents or guardian will have to fill the application for a membership form, which is forwarded to the group together with the membership fee. In due course, the member is issued with their membership certificate. It is compulsory for cadets to be uniformed and the costs of uniforms are available from the Squadron Adjutant. Uniforms can be bought from the NSW Group Headquarters.

Padstow Squadrons Final Parade night for the year is held in December. Our Squadron Presentation Night recognises the efforts by all members during the year, with Cadets receiving awards and presentations in all aspects of the Squadron program including Best Attendance, Education, Drill / Band, Physical Activities, Aeromodelling, Fund Raising, Publicity. The highest achievement is recognised in the Padstow Squadron Most Outstanding Cadet trophy.

A Squadron tradition on this evening is to recognise the membership of all members that have joined Padstow Squadron during the year. A presentation ceremony is conducted before the assembled Members, Parents, Families and invited guests. During the ceremony, the members recite the Australian Air League Promise of membership over the Squadron Flag, then receive their certificates in recognition of their oath of membership.

The Air League Promise

I promise to be loyal to the Australian Air League at all times;

To be tolerant and helpful;

To be trustworthy and friendly,

and to be cheerful and considerate to others;

To use my time wisely and to have respect for myself,

and my instructors.

I further promise that I will never say or do anything which would lower the standards,

or disgrace the name of the Australian Air League

whether in uniform or not.

As a cadet, the member is expected to abide by certain rules which train and prepare them to be responsible adults and citizens. Whether aviation is something a cadet wishes to pursue as a career or a hobby, the training they’ll get during their time with the Squadron will put them in good stead.