The Australian Air League in Padstow

Drill & Band_

The Australia Air League is a uniformed youth organisation, and as such, it is rooted in discipline, teamwork, and esprit de corps. This is why its activities also include Drill and band. These are programs that prepare Cadets and instil in them what it means to wear the uniform. Cadets learn the poise and smartness that comes with uniform and the drill and band program helps them to take pride in being a member of the Australian Air League. Our drill and band activities cover various events and programs; these include;

Music Tuition

Our Squadron is one of the few in the Australian Air League that has the capacity to field a marching band. The Padstow Squadron Band is a trained drum band made up of Snare drums, Base and Tenor Drum, Triangles and percussion instruments. We have provided tuition in the Fife before and also offer Bugle tuition for interested members. Experienced musicians conduct the tuition on Friday parade nights. Learning, playing, and practicing music does not only provide cadets with skill, but it also cultivates many beneficial attributes which will develop the cadet.

Developing Self Discipline

A drill is a process that aims to introduce a newly joined member to his fellow member to form disciplined units of high skill level in marching, and related field activities.

A structured Drill program seeks to develop self-control, commitment, selflessness, teamwork, pride in their own, and the team’s achievements. It also develops poise, coordination, whilst the wearing of the Air League uniform instils a sense of duty and pride in being part of the Squadron team.

As part of the monthly parade night program, Padstow Squadron conducts evenings where cadets are trained in becoming part of the team through field training, a process we call Drill.

This involves member training leading to being part of a Squadron formation. As part of these units, members learn to march, the correct wear of their uniform and the finer point of standing to attention, standing at ease, marching in step and line and training in concert with the other members of their unit.

Advanced Drill training may involve undertaking specific theory and practical training using workbooks and audio-visual displays. To this end, Cadets can gain their Flag Party and Drill Proficiency Badges.

The Cadets who demonstrate initiative and leadership skills, can be nominated and gain promotion as a Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO). After training within the Squadron, and a qualifying period of performing at the rank, members can progress up the ranks through Leading Cadet, Corporal, Sergeant and Squadron Sergeant.

NCO’s are given the responsibility of training and leading the Cadets in Squadron formations. They are the link between the Officers in command, and the Cadets seeking guidance in their tasks. Leadership Training.

Community Involvement

We have always been involved with the local southern Bankstown City community. Whilst much of our program is conducted at Friday Parade nights, we are often called upon to assist, or to promote the Australian Air League, at Community events.