The Australian Air League in Padstow


Air League Officers

Officers are community members who volunteer to be in charge of the Squadron and organising all its activities. They are usually former cadets or parents of cadets who are interested in helping young Australians develop their potential, and they are willing to commit their skills and time to such endeavour.

At the moment, Padstow Squadron has three officers on strength, and they are responsible for coordinating all the program on parade nights and organising Cadet members to several activities that are undertaken by the organisation. This includes aviation training, flights, physical activities, and lots more.

The Squadron is keen to welcome new adults who wish to join the ranks of Padstow Squadron as Officers. There is a measure of training involved, which is undertaken on Parade nights and signed off by the Officer Commanding. The training is designed to give you the requisite skills and ability necessary to deal with children and youth and coordinate activities.

After training, the Squadron officers will receive an appointment pursuant to the duties they perform, be it Education, Drill, Band, Physical Activities, the Squadron Adjutant and Air Activities. Whilst the appointment designates your role in the Squadron; it is really the case that everyone helps everyone on Parade nights. Thus, everyone is equipped to handle multiple tasks and perform other duties, especially in the absence of another squadron officer.

As a Squadron officer, you would be assisting in making Padstow Squadron an organisation that inspires and leads youth to achieve their best. We are always looking for Adults who have skills that they can bring to our ranks which will assist in making our program relevant and innovative.

We are also looking for Adults who can just help us out. Thus, you don’t need to have any special skill to volunteer; all you really need is to show interest in what we do and be dedicated to helping children and youth reach their potential. With the training from us, we can find a suitable role for you within the organisation, and you can contribute to the development of young people within the community.

Officers are required to wear the Air League uniform as part of their service to the organisation. Costs for the uniform are available from the Squadron Adjutant.

All of the Officers at Padstow Squadron have completed the requirements of the NSW Working with Children checks. Volunteers would also be required to complete the checks before they can become squadron officers and work with our cadets. Being an officer is an exciting all-round experience where you get to contribute to your community by developing its most important assets – the young people. Since the official position is open to anyone above 18 years, it is also an opportunity for young adults to also learn about responsibility and improve their leadership skills while also developing their social skills.