The Australian Air League in Padstow


Activities for parents

There is a parents’ committee for parents of the members of Australian Air League, Padstow Squadron. This Committee is responsible for helping with, organising and supporting the programs and events that enhance our children’s Air League experience. All parents of AAL Padstow Squadron members are members of the Parent Committee.

By becoming active in the Parent Committee, you will make the most of your family’s experience at AAL Padstow Squadron. We need your participation so that your child’s year at Air League will be the best it can be. We strongly encourage each family to assist with at least one event/program during the school year. There is something for everyone!

As parents, we are all busy. The AAL Padstow Squadron Parent Committee is made up of both working and non-working parents. There are many different ways for you to volunteer. We need your help. You choose how much time you’d like to volunteer. There are several ways to volunteer, this include;

  • co-chair an event
  • work on an activity that occurs on a regular schedule so you can plan ahead
  • serve on a committee
  • be a room parent
  • donate materials to an event
  • share your ideas

Parent Committee Meetings

There are monthly meetings where we discuss past and upcoming events and share ideas. We address issues that involve the well-being of our children. An OC’s report is given regarding happenings in the Squadron. In addition, we will hear the Treasurer’s report. All parents are welcome and encouraged to attend these meetings. The meeting usually takes place on the second Tuesday of every month. The notice of the meeting will be in the monthly newsletter called the Attack Kat News which contains details about upcoming events, recent activities, and all others items that members and parents may find to be of interest. Meetings are both informative and enjoyable. They provide an opportunity for you to have an active role in the AAL Padstow Squadron and to socialise with other parents who have the same concerns and issues as you do.

Yearly Activities

These include events which are one time happenings and programs which are ongoing happenings within the year. Each event/program generally has two committee members. There will be volunteer sign-up sheets for each event/program at the February meeting. Additionally, a volunteer sign-up sheet is posted on the organisation website.


Welcome Back Camp: The Parents and Officers buy food items, pack camping equipment, and provide transportation for children to and from the camp destination.

Weekend beginning February

  • ANZAC Day March
  • Ceremonial Parade
  • AAL Group Review
  • Presentation Night


All programs are year-long commitments.

Room Parents: We would like to have two room parents per parade. The room parents act as assistants to Officers on Friday nights.

Adopt-a-Family: Welcome new families to the AAL Padstow Squadron! Help provide a smooth transition for the many new families who will be joining our community.