The Australian Air League in Padstow

Physical Activities_

Physical activities are a core part of what we do, and it extends beyond the Drill and band, aviation training, and flight. There are also other physical activities that don’t just teach you certain skills and require you to demonstrate the knowledge you have acquired but are also fun in nature. Our physical activities are the fun part of what we do, and it includes various activities such as exploring nature, competitive sports, personal challenges, etc. Here is a breakdown of our activities;


We conduct or attend camping weekends at least twice per year. There are several camping events available. One of the popular camping events is the Keith Smith Wing Camp, held at Bungonia on a private farm property over the June long weekend. This weekend is enjoyed by all members that attend, with organised activities such as bushwalking, orienteering, a model flight afternoon, campfires every evening and night games such as the lantern stalk.

This camp is also a good opportunity for Padstow Cadets to meet and socialise with cadets of other Squadrons. Cadets also assist with washing up, keeping the campsite clean and in good order, cooking. They learn how to set up the site, cook a tasty meal and the safe way to start a campfire plus many other skills. All this feeds into teamwork and joining together for the common good.

Squadron camps are held at camping grounds, and we try to attend grounds where we can take our canoes for some aquatic activities. On other occasions, we have camped at airfields, where Cadets have allied their camping with Flight activities. Fathers are welcome to attend any camps with their son/s. On occasion, we have held family camps where other family members joined in the fun.

First Aid Training

We conduct basic First Aid training within the Squadron to all members on a regular basis. The instructors either hold First Aid or medical qualifications. If members wish to develop these skills, they can undertake industry recognised First Aid qualifications (such as through St Johns Ambulance). On gaining these certificates, the member receives his relevant Australian Air League First Aid badge, to recognise his achievement.

Social Activities

Padstow Squadron also enhances the normal program with regular opportunities to have some fun and challenges. At the end of the term, we fit in a social night for members. Past examples have been movie and pizza nights, indoor rock climbing, bowling, and visits to places of interest.

Yearly we recognise our Squadron’s birthday with a family event be it a games night, air activities flying day or some other activity suggested by the Cadets. On occasion, we have visited brother Squadrons to parade with their team, giving members the chance to see what other Squadrons do with their time.